nProtect GameGuard FAQ

GameGuard FAQ

Malware( Virus ) and Spyware infection ( Error code 114 )
Problem has occurred due to malware ( virus ) and spyware infection when running the game.
First, search the PC with the latest updated vaccine. Then re-start the game after deleting the GameGuard folder.
If the same problem occurs again, please follow the instruction below.

    Remove the installed game and check your hard drive to delete the game file.

    • Notes
    If there isn’t any vaccine program that you’re using, please install a vaccine program and run search.
    Prevent infection from malware etc. by installing security patch through Windows Update.
    - Windows Update :

  • How to find and send erl files
nProtect GameGuard FAQ
Error Code 114
Initialization fail ( Error code 114 )
Un-supported OS ( Error code 114 )
Reinstall the game ( Error code 114 )
Restart game ( Error code 114 )
Delete GameGuard folder ( Error code 114 )
Use of blocked program ( Error code 114 )
Run as administrator ( Error code 114 )
Collision with other programs ( Error code 114 )
Malware(Virus) and Spyware infection ( Error code 114 )