nProtect GameGuard FAQ

GameGuard FAQ

Collison with other programs ( Error code 114 )
Some problems may be caused by the running programs (vaccine and other security program) on your PC which might be incomparable with GameGuard. Please end all the processes that are not related or are not used while the game is running.

If the vaccine is colliding with GameGuard, please close the vaccine for a moment and check to see the game is able to play. Also deleting and closing of GameGuard program can be caused by the vaccine.
In this case, set the vaccine option to put exception on GameGuard related files.

    1.Closing process irrelevant to game play
  • Step 1. Open task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del when using Windows XP.
  • Step 2. A menu appears from the bottom of the screen on a taskbar when right clicked. Task manager can be opened by clicking on the ‘Task Manager’ from the menu.
After clicking on the ‘Processes’ tab on the task manager, close processes irrelevant to game play from the listed processes.

※ Adverse effect may be caused when important Windows process is closed.
Sort out the processes to close through the following method

2. . Search malignant process list
- Search process from Google
- File Research Center
- Various vaccine site search. [nProtect], [Symantec Norton], [Kaspersky]
nProtect GameGuard FAQ
Error Code 114
Initialization fail ( Error code 114 )
Un-supported OS ( Error code 114 )
Reinstall the game ( Error code 114 )
Restart game ( Error code 114 )
Delete GameGuard folder ( Error code 114 )
Use of blocked program ( Error code 114 )
Run as administrator ( Error code 114 )
Collision with other programs ( Error code 114 )
Malware(Virus) and Spyware infection ( Error code 114 )