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GameGuard FAQ

Find ERL files and send
ERL files are GameGuard log files which are created by its action.
If you have the problem with GameGuard but cannot solve the problem with FAQ, please ask help to us via email, attaching GameGuard Log files. (ERL files).
5 ERL files (npgl.erl, npgg.erl, npgmup.erl, npsc.erl, npgm.erl) are created every times when you start the game, in the GameGuard folder which is under Game installation folder.
Send ERL files which are created during the problem then we'll give you the solution after investigating the problem with those files.

  • Attention
    - When you send email to us, please give us details of the problem.
    - In case that not all 5 log files exist, please send us all ERL files in the GameGuard folder.

    Find ERL files.
  • Step 1. Open Windows explorer and select 'folder option' in 'tools'.

  • Step 2. Select 'Find'

  • Step 3. There are npgg.erl, npgl.erl, npgm.erl, npgmup.erl, npsc.erl in GameGuard folder. (It's possible that not all 5 files exist.)

  • If you cannot see the extension of the file.
  • Step 1.Select the game icon, click right button of your mouse and click 'Properties'.

  • Step 2. In 'view' tab, off the option 'hide extension of known file'.

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