nProtect GameGuard FAQ

GameGuard FAQ

Reinstall the game ( Error code 114 )
When a problem occurs concerning GameGuard or related files, you can solve the problem by reinstalling the game.
Normally, the cause of problems in GameGuard related files are viruses that damage the files or security programs that delete them. Please try scanning your PC with the latest anti-virus and reinstall the game.
* Sometimes, important GameGuard files are quarantined by security programs, not allowing the game to operate properly.

  • \GameClient\Gameguard
  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\INCA Shared\OnlineEngine
How to reinstall the game : [Start] -> [Control Panel] -> [Programs and Features] -> Selet the game client you wish to uninstall and click on the Change/Remove button.

    1.Click the ‘Start’ button

    2. Click the ‘Control Panel’ button

    3. Click the “Programs and Feature”

    4. Select the Game and uninstall.

  • How to send erl files
nProtect GameGuard FAQ
Error Code 114
Initialization fail ( Error code 114 )
Un-supported OS ( Error code 114 )
Reinstall the game ( Error code 114 )
Restart game ( Error code 114 )
Delete GameGuard folder ( Error code 114 )
Use of blocked program ( Error code 114 )
Run as administrator ( Error code 114 )
Collision with other programs ( Error code 114 )
Malware(Virus) and Spyware infection ( Error code 114 )