nProtect GameGuard FAQ

GameGuard FAQ

GameGuard duplicate execution ( Error code 115 )
GameGuard cannot duplicate run.

1. Please check if GameGuard program is running. If there is a blue shield icon on bottom right of the Windows, GameGuard is running.

2. If the game is launched in the same condition as above, an error message as shown in the bottom will appear.
  • GameGuard duplicate execution phenomenon
    - Re-launching the game tight after before GameGuard is completely closed.
    - Launching 2 type of GameGuard integrated games ( ex : Lineage launch -> KartRider launch )
    These type of phenomenon is caused by GameGuard not being completely closed. After closing the game check the GameGuard blue shield icon on the bottom right tray.
    Launch the game after the icon has been disappeared. If this doesn’t work, reboot your PC and try launching the game.
nProtect GameGuard FAQ
Error Code etc.
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GameGuard duplicate execution ( Error code 115 )
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